One of the best things about the city of St. Petersburg is its location. St. Petersburg is located in the heart of the south, and that means it is blessed with warm weather even when much of the country is suffering through the bone-chilling cold.

The city of St. Petersburg area and the surrounding area are also home to some of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see, with fine soft sand, clear sparkling waters and warm ocean breezes. The fact that St. Petersburg is located right on the water also means it is one of the best places to explore (or discover) your passion for deep-sea fishing.

Deep-sea fishing is not your typical angling - it is much more fun and exciting. If you are already an avid deep-sea fishing enthusiast, you already know the hold the sport can have on you. If you are new to the world of deep-sea fishing, you will quickly see why the sport is so popular, and why St. Petersburg is ground zero for some of the best fishing charters in the world.

But even the best deep-sea fishing destination has its layers, and when you go, you want to go with the best. So which deep-sea fishing operators are the best, which are the most family friendly and which ones have the most experienced guides? Here is our list of the best deep-sea fishing charters in and around the St. Petersburg area.

Deep Sea Fishing


Sailing Florida Charters

Sailing Florida Charters is an excellent choice for small groups, and they can accommodate up to 6 people on their boats. The company offers a wide variety of options for all needs and budgets so that you can choose your adventure and plan accordingly.

Rates start at $650 for a half day of offshore fishing or $1,200 for a full day out on the water. Keep in mind that those prices are for up to 6 people, so you can split the cost and enjoy a more affordable adventure.

The company provides everything you need, including bait, tackle, and expert guides. You can even filet your catch onboard and enjoy a delicious meal on your way back to dock.

In-shore fishing is offered as well, with rates for six people starting at $565 for a half day and $995 for a full day of fishing fun. Whether you are an experienced angler or a first-timer, the friendly staff will put you at ease.


Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter

Don't let the name fool you - you can catch more than just sardines when you book a fishing charter with the Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter. The Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter specializes in the Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, some of the best fishing waters on the globe.

When you book a trip with the Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter, you can choose your adventure and control your costs. A half day of in-shore fishing starts at just $450, while a full day will run you around $650. Near-shore rates are $650 for a half day and $850 for an entire day of fun, while offshore prices start at $1,000 for a ¾ day. This rate is for up to 6 people, so you can split the cost and save some money.

The Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter supplies everything you need, so just bring your camera and your dreams. Anglers of all abilities are welcome aboard, so you can test your skills and learn from your fellow fishermen and women.


The Fish Hunter

At The Fish Hunter, the name says it all. If you are ready to go hunting on the water, the Fish Hunter has everything you need to get started. From bait and tackle to experienced guides who know where the best sports fish are hiding, this great company truly has it all.

The Fish Hunter is expertly run by Captain George Hastick, a second-generation fisherman, and professional guide. When you book a trip, you can expect to catch cobia snapper, kingfish, snook, trout, tarpon, grouper and many other favorite sports fish.


Captain Mike Gore Tampa Charter

Captain Mike Gore is a St. Petersburg institution, and his Tampa Charter is one of the most popular fishing excursions in the region. When you book a trip with Captain Mike Gore, you will go out in search of popular sports fish like tarpon, flatfish, snook, redfish, and kingfish. Best of all, you will have Mike's expert help and guidance every step of the way.

Captain Mike welcomes anglers of all abilities, from the raw beginner to the experienced fisherman. No matter what your level of expertise, you will find everything you need to catch the big one, including professional-grade bait and tackle, right onboard.


Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy

Unlike many entries on our list, Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy offers more than just fishing trips. You can book a fishing charter here, and when you do, you will head out in search of redfish, snook and other popular sports species, but you can also rent a boat and enjoy your adventure.

You can even book courses and learn how to sail. If you are thinking about buying your fishing boat one day, just ask your captain about these expert lessons.

In the meantime, you can book a charter for up to 4 people, so grab your friends and get going. Rates start at just $565 for a half day or $995 for a full day on the water.

Jawbreaker Fishing

Located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Jawbreaker Fishing offers some of the best deep-sea fishing in the region. Jawbreaker Fishing has found itself atop many "best of" lists, and for a good reason.

At Jawbreaker Fishing, you can enjoy the best offshore fishing trips, with fun and adventure for the whole family. Everyone, regardless of age or prior fishing experience, is welcome onboard.

Jawbreaker Fishing offers a wide variety of adventures, from general fishing to specialized angling for shark, grouper, kingfish and more. If you are ready to catch the big one, Jawbreaker is always an excellent choice.


Fish Hawk Fishing Tours

Fish Hawk Fishing is another versatile and affordable option for your deep-sea fishing adventures. At Fish Hawk Fishing Tours, you can enjoy a variety of watery experiences, including affordable in-shore charters starting at just $450 for a half day for up to 2 people and $650 for a full day for two people.

Anglers can also book cobia only trips of 5 hours for up to 3 people, all for just $600. Those cobia only adventures are among the most popular at Fish Hawk, and it is easy to see why.

Fish Hawk provides everything anglers need to get started and land the big one, including bait and professional-grade tackle. If you are looking for a great day out on the water, Fish Hawk has you covered.


Captain K's

Captain K's has everything you need, from bait and tackle to professional charters, all in one place. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg at 66th St and Charter Avenue, Captain K's is easy to get to and easy to enjoy.

As the name implies, this popular fishing charter company is the brainchild of Captain K, also known as Captain Karen Hughart. Captain K is a true Florida native, and she has been fishing the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for her entire life.

Native Sportfishing

Native Sportfishing is another popular choice for the avid fishing enthusiasts, a charter that truly caters to the waterborne sportsman. At the helm is Captain Ben, an experienced and accomplished fisherman who takes his business very seriously.

The rates at Native Sportfishing are affordable, especially if you split the cost among your group. The cost of an in-shore charter starts at just $500 for a half day trip and $800 for a full-day adventure. The staff is friendly, they provide everything you need and they even clean and pack your catch for you at the end of the trip.


Pocket Change Fishing Charters

Pocket Change Fishing Charters is another St. Petersburg institution and another fabulous choice for fishing enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Captain Anthony scours the entire area, scoping out the best fishing locations and finding those hidden spots other charter operators do not know about.

When you book your fishing adventure with Pocket Change Fishing Charters, you will head out in search of tarpon, snook, snapper, redfish, cobia, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, drum and even sharks. The charter specializes in the Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, an area known for its great fishing and its friendly people.


The Skyway Fishing Pier State Park

The St. Petersburg area has been undergoing enormous growth in recent years. That rapid growth has meant that many pieces of its infrastructure, including its many bridges, are now outdated.

The updating of St. Petersburg infrastructure has created some happy accidents, but none is as welcome to fishing enthusiasts as the spectacular Skyway Fishing Pier State Park. Just picture an entire bridge converted into a massive fishing pier, and you will get some idea of the scope of the project.

When the bridge that once connected the city of St. Petersburg to nearby Sarasota became outdated, the state decided to construct a brand new one. That meant there was an extra bridge available, and the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park was born.

The Skyway Fishing Pier State Park has many distinctions, including its spot as the longest fishing pier in the world. If you love to fish but are not ready to book a charter trip, just head out to the pier and try your luck.

Underneath the fishing pier, you will find a wide variety of sports fish, the same species the charters fish for. From tarpon and red snapper to sheepshead and grouper, you can bait your hook and try your luck. The Skyway Fishing Pier is perfect for the whole family, and a great way to teach the kids to fish.


What To Bring for Your Fishing Adventure

The great thing about booking a charter fishing adventure is that you do not have to pack your own gear. That means you do not have to explain your fishing tackle to the TSA or worry that the airline will lose your favorite rod and reel. When you book a charter fishing trip with the operators on our list, everything you need, from the bait for your hook to the ice for your cooler, is included.

That does not mean you do not need to pack anythinVersion:1.0 StartHTML:000000221 EndHTML:000297841 StartFragment:000297386 EndFragment:000297732 StartSelection:000297386 EndSelection:000297732 SourceURL: Application

g, however. Bringing a few comfort items onboard will make your charter fishing trip more fun and help you deal with any unexpected problems. Here are some things you might want to pack for your charter fishing adventure.

•    Sunscreen - The sun is quite intense out on the water, and you could burn even on a cloudy day

•    Water - It is essential to stay hydrated, so bring a big bottle

 •   Snacks for the family - While some charter operators have a limited selection of snacks available, it is always a good idea to bring your own

•    Coffee - Those charter boats leave early, so a big shot of caffeine can help you wake up and face the day

•    A Camera - You will want to document your day on the water, including pictures of your spectacular catch

•    Motion Sickness Medication - Charter captains work hard to avoid rough water, but you never know when an unexpected swell will come along

Whether you are a first-time fisherman or an accomplished angler, you want to book with a charter company you can trust. The St. Petersburg area is home to dozens of fishing charters, from specialized shark fishing adventures to general fishing for the whole family. Each of the charter companies on our list represents the best of the best, so you can book your adventure and have lots of fun.